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Band Handbook



INTRODUCTION - This handbook has been created so that students and parents will have an understanding of the music program at C. A. Jacobs Intermediate School.

This manual will describe the policies that band members and parents need to adhere to. Becoming familiar with these policies will help each band member make the most of the musical opportunities here at C. A. Jacobs. Parents play a major role in the success of our music program. We have had great support from the parents of music students in the past, and I'm looking forward to that support continuing.

Our music program has built a reputation of having musically superior bands, made up of dedicated and well respected music students. It is up to all of you to continue this tradition of excellence.

PERFORMANCES & Band Classes - Performances are MANDATORY! I will give you a schedule of all gigs well in advance. It will help if parents make note of up and coming concerts to avoid conflicts. If you have a conflict with a performance, you need to let me know ASAP or one week before the performance. Excused absences from a gig will be determined on an individual basis. If you miss a concert, I need a note from your parents the next day explaining why you were not at the concert. You can not "make up a missed concert". However, If you are excused from a performance, you may be given an assignment for a grade in place of the concert.

The band is a combination of first, second and third periods. The three periods will practice and test on the same music. I may select a small band form the three band periods for particular performance. For example, If a local service group wants the band to perform for a luncheon, I may need to select a small band because of the limited space to perform in.

PERFORMANCE OPPORTUNITIES -  Check "Concert Dates" for performances.


Director will dress in a Suit and tie.
Male students: white button down shirt, plain all black pants, and all black shoes. No Tee shirts.
Female students: white shirts, plain all black pants or black dress, and all black shoes.

This dress code for concerts will be strictly enforced!
TIME REQUIREMENTSPerformances outside of the school day. Night concerts and some weekend concerts. Check the "Concert Dates" link. 

HOMEWORK or PRACTICING - To be successful at anything in life, you need to apply yourself. To be a successful musician you need to practice. I will not check practice records, or practice cards. It is up to you to do your homework (practice) for rehearsals. It is my job to teach you the music, it is your job to learn and practice the music. At this level you must learn more then just the notes and rhythms. You must play the correct notes, rhythms, dynamics, style, phrasing, tempos, key signatures, and all musical markings. You should practice for rehearsals, tests, challenging, and performances. I will be available most days after school for help. The more you practice, the better we all sound!

ATTENDANCE - Attendance in a music program is extremely important. Being a part of a team sport means that only a select number of people play at any one time, and the rest of the team sits on the bench until you are called to substitute for another player. Being a part of a band is unique because all the musicians play at the same time all the time. No musician "sits on the bench." You must attend all rehearsals, and performances. This is essential to the success of each musician and the program.

GRADING POLICY - You will receive a grade based on five factors:
1. Daily Participation 25%
2. Class Materials 15%
3. Music Tests 25% (Visit the Test Rubric)
4. Performances 35%
5. Extra Credit 10% (up to 10%)
6. Total = 110%  

1. Daily Participation - This grade is based on your overall work for the grading period. Do you know your music? Are you prepared for band? Are you ready when the bell rings? Do you talk during rehearsals?

2. Class Materials - You need your instrument, music, and a pencil everyday.

3. Music Tests - There will be three performance tests each marking period. You will have a one week notice of a test.

4. Performances - Performances are a large part of your grade. All performances are mandatory. However, if you have a conflict with a performance, you need to let me know ASAP. Excused absence from a gig will be determined on an individual basis. You cannot "make up a missed concert", however, If you are excused from a performance, you may be given an assignment for a grade in place of the concert.

5. Extra Credit - I will give extra credit for attending concerts other than your own, challenging, and private lessons. Other extra credit will be determined on an individual basis.


A. Have your instrument and music everyday. Including REEDS or VALVE / SLIDE OIL.
B. Keep your instrument in good working order.
C. Try to improve on your instrument everyday.
D. Have respect of each other.
E. Follow school and class rules.
F. Help set up and pack up on gigs. (I can't do this alone, I need your help)


DISCIPLINE & BEHAVIOR POLICY - I will follow the C. A. Jacobs Student Handbook Behavior policy. Because the band members are constantly on display, each member must always be aware of the importance of good behavior. We are not just playing a gig, we are putting on a show. When we perform a gig you must remember that you are not individuals. You represent Mr. Russo, the band, C. A. Jacobs school, and the community of Dixon whenever we perform or appear in public. Any misconduct casts a direct negative reflection on everyone mentioned above and will undo all the hard work of the band. I will strictly enforce class & school rules with class detention and/or referrals.


* Do not play your instrument until the rehearsal starts. 
* Repspect the "Box". No talking when anyone is on the "Box".
*  You are ready to rehearse when Russo steps on the "Box".
* Do not play the percussion equipment.
* Remain quiet during rehearsal.
* Stop playing when I cut you off.
* Maintain good behavior during rehearsals and especially on band trips.
* No running in the band room.
* No food or drinks (unless I say its ok).
* MY OFFICE IS OFF LIMITS TO STUDENTS. (unless you are invited in by Russo) 

CONSEQUENCES - ( I love this part) I will give detention the next day after the date of the infraction. This will give each student one day's notice of detention for you to inform your parents. You need to behave yourself to avoid getting detention from two teachers on the same day. If you get detention from two teachers on the same day, this may result in one of the teachers giving you a referral for a no show.

You will need paper and a pencil to serve detention. Detention will be given for 15 minutes. If you talk during detention, you will be given an additional 15 minutes. If you do not attend my detention, I will turn in a referral form.
LOCAL MUSIC STORES - Watermelon Music in Davis (530) 758-4010, Vacaville Music (707) 448-3651.

CONCLUSION - I'm looking forward to another great year. I'll do my best for you, I ask you to do your best also. If you or your parents have any questions, call me at C. A. Jacobs 678-9222.


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I have read the C. A. Jacobs Music Department's handbook and agree to fully support and abide by the policies outlined.

Please sign and return to Mr. Russo.


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