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This week at JKMS:

 Mavericks we are 5 weeks into the school year and we have had an awesome start.  Our students are engaged and learning in classrooms together again and we could not be more excited.   As I visit classrooms, I am happy to see students discussing, reading, working collaboratively, conducting lab experiments, designing art projects, and nothing makes me happier than the sound of band instruments in the background as I walk the campus grounds.  

This week at JKMS our 6th graders participated in an anti-bullying workshop hosted by our counselor Mrs. Fuentes and our mental health clinician Ms. Martinez.  Our leadership team hosted a dodgeball tournament and our members of our PBIS team attended the California PBIS Coalition Conference in Sacramento.  

The week was National Suicide Prevention Week.  Today our leadership students visited classes to inform students about suicide awareness and prevention.  They also passed out purple bracelets with the phone number to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255)  The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention, and crisis resources for you or your loved ones.

Parents at John Knight Middle School we recognize students for being Safe Respectful and Productive, this week’s raffle winners were Lillian Stemmer, Daniella Farias Lopez, and Samuel Hurtado!  Congratulations!

Parents, click here to review the newsletter and previous updates!

As always have a restful and relaxing weekend!

At JKMS we are Safe, Respectful, and Productive.  As a Respectful Maverick, we will focus on learning and appreciating influences and contributions by other cultures by incorporating lessons and activities during National Heritage Months.  The Heritage months we will be incorporating this year are as follows:
Hispanic Heritage Month: 09/15-10/15
Native American Heritage Month: November
Celebrate Your Heritage Month*: December
African American History Month: February
Women's History Month: March
Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month: May

No Drop Policy.  JKMS has a no drop policy, please do not bring food to your child during the school day.  Also please ensure that your student has everything they need during the school day before they arrive to campus.

Crowding on A street.  Parents we are seeing an increase in students arriving to school before 8:15 am.  This is a safety hazard.  Beginning Monday we will close the A street entrance and open a second entrance on fourth street.  Students should enter through the gates on 4th street near the cafeteria or on C street.  We will continue to monitor student safety in the morning and make changes as necessary.

Parents, I want you to know that all JKMS students have direct access to me!  Whenever they need support, a word of encouragement, or just someone to listen, I will always make time for them and the same applies to you.  We are partners in their education, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need a word of encouragement or support!  Together we can, whatever it takes, no excuses!    


Parents, please remember that's all visitors must call prior or check-in before coming on campus.  We now have an easier way to check-in.  When visiting John Knight Middle School please use your mobile phone to text the word visit to the number 617-500-6084 this will allow us to expedite your check-in process.

Thank you for a very successful first week back to school!

John Knight Middle School is an Avid School.  We want all JKMS students to be productive, well-organized students!  To help us reach this objective, all students will receive the following supplies the first week of school.  
2" Binder and dividers
Spiral Notebook
Pencil Pouch
A JKMS Planner.  This planner will be extremely helpful, as it contains a student handbook as well as a day planner to help keep track of all homework assignments. It can be a useful way for parents to track their student’s homework and progress.

Back to School Night will be held on August 25, 2021.  Back to school night will be virtual.



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09/17 Update

Weekly Update

Fri Sep 17 04:10 PM

09/10 Weekly Update

Sports and Picture Day!

Fri Sep 10 04:30 PM

Weekly Updates 09/03

Labor Day, Office Access, and Sports

Fri Sep 03 02:30 PM

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Be Safe, Respectful, and Productive

JKMS Mavericks are Safe, Respectful, and Productive

Tue Aug 31 02:53 PM

08/27 Updates

Weekly Updates

Tue Aug 31 02:53 PM

We need our students to bring a charged Chromebook to school each day.  Please remind your student to charge their Chromebooks every night.  For newly enrolled students, we will continue to distribute Chromebooks next week.  If a student does not have a Chromebook please ask them to let their math teacher know next week during class.

Sick and Ill
We urge all parents to conduct a symptom check every morning before sending their children to school.  If your child displays symptoms such as fever, coughing, shortness of breath, or any other symptoms consistent with possible COVID-19, or if they have come into close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, please do not send your child to school and inform us by calling the front office 707-693-6350. Let’s continue to keep our children’s health and safety a top priority.

Google Classroom
We are a google classroom school.  Our teachers post assignments they are working on in class.  If your child is out of school for any reason encourage them to check their google classroom and complete their assignments.  

Visiting the Front Office
Parents, we are doing our best to mitigate the spread of covid 19 and we need your help.  Parents are not allowed on campus without prior approval from an administrator.  If you need to drop by the school to handle important business or get tech support?  You must call 707-693-6350 to make an appointment or check-in by using your mobile phone to text the word VISIT to the number 617-500-6084.  This will ensure that we are safe and are socially distancing.

Dress Code
One of the fun things about middle school is self-expression.  We understand that students express themselves through fashion.  With this being said we do have a dress code.  Please review the dress code guidelines below.
 JKMS staff members have established the following guidelines for student dress and grooming:

Student dress shall be safe, respectful, and productive in appearance.

Clothing may not glorify or advertise drugs, gangs, alcohol, tobacco, or tobacco products.

Clothing must be free of demeaning, insulting, violent, obscene, or derogatory phrases or imagery.

Tops must have sleeves that are at least two inches wide, cover the armpit area, and extend below the waist.

Bottoms must extend to mid-thigh, cutouts should not go above mid-thigh.

Hoods and hats should be removed inside the classroom when asked by the teacher.

Google Classroom Assistance

For assistance on Google Classroom, please click here.

Also, for step by step instructions on how to log into Google Classroom, please click here.


Parent Resource Website

More resources are available for you to help you and your student with Distance Learning.  Please click here to go to the DUSD Parent Resource Website.


PBIS Rewards Parent App:

English or Spanish

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School Accountability Report Card



The School Accountability Report Card (SARC) for 2019-2020 is now available. The SARC contains information about our school's condition and performance.  The most current SARC is based on the prior year’s data. To view, go to the Dixon Unified School District website at www.dixonusd.org/sarc.  You can also request a copy from our school office.  For more information on SARCs, please visit www.cde.ca.gov/ta/ac/sa.



El Informe de Responsabilidad Escolar (SARC) para 2019-2020 ya está disponible. El SARC contiene información sobre la condición y el desempeño de nuestra escuela. El SARC más reciente se basa en los datos del año anterior. Para verlo, vaya al sitio web del Distrito Escolar Unificado de Dixon a www.dixonusd.org/sarc. También puede solicitar una copia. Para obtener más información sobre los SARC,visite www.cde.ca.gov/ta/ac/sa.

No Bully Solution Team:

Are you having trouble with another student during school hours, and you feel as if they are bullying you, or have you seen another student being bullied and you didn't know what to do?

Please let us know by completing the following student form: CLICK HERE  One of our No Bully Solution Coaches will contact you.

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